Words on the Wind

WORDS ON THE WIND is a documentary series intended for television broadcast, private home video sales and use in course curriculums in higher education. It is produced by Morning Light Films.

WORDS ON THE WIND, Vol. I is currently being distributed by American Public Television (APT) to over 350 Public Broadcast Stations nationwide!


Volume I, featuring the book, "Blood of Our Earth", written by Ponca author, Dan Jones, is the first fully produced episode in the WORDS ON THE WIND series featuring prominent Native American authors from tribes throughout North America.

Each poem featured in WORDS ON THE WIND, contains the wisdom, history and tradition that describe the reverence toward and responsibility to, people, animals and nature that Native Americans hold so dear. The program conveys a wonderful insight into the rhythms of Mother Earth, native wisdom and spirituality, and the relationship between man and nature. The visual elements that accompany each poem are intended to interpret the author’s message and each piece of music was carefully selected or composed to support the spoken word. The sounds of wind, water, and nature's creatures also add to the dramatic interpretation. The full effect of these combined elements delivers a powerful multi-media experience to the viewer.

Native American Poetry DVD

Words on the Wind Volume I Trailer


The MLF team is currently searching for another Native author whose work, and tribal history, will be featured in Words on the Wind, Volume II. We will again be partnering with American Public Television to bring the new program to PBS Television Stations nationwide! Native authors and tribes who may be interested, please contact Lou Angora, at langora@morninglightfilms.com, or, 352-304-8075.

Film shoot: on location for Words on the Wind, Vol. II

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